Crawler Radio & MP3 Player

Crawler Radio & MP3 Player

Listen to internet radio streams and music


  • Records radio shows easily
  • Also plays Mp3s
  • Nice look and feel


  • Has trouble streaming some radio stations

Very good

Crawler Radio & MP3 Player is a refreshing new way to enjoy music. It lets you not only listen to music stored on your computer, but also make your own recordings from Internet radio streams

You can choose between the simple Mp3 Player or the Radio Tuner which has a list of presets or you can add your own favourite radio streams. You can then save them on your computer and listen to them whenever you want which is really useful if you don't have time to listen to a program or are working. You can even schedule recordings so that even if you're not at your PC, it will record the stream automatically - simple as setting your VCR. The Mp3 player allows the easy creation of playlists and drag and dropping of Mp3's saved on your hard drive into tje player. The player has obviously been designed with a wide range of users in mind - it's simple enough for beginners to use but it also has advanced features if you look deep enough. I also like the fact that you can easily toggle between the Mp3 Player and Radio & Recorder as well as minimise both so they don't occupy your desktop.

A really nice Mp3 player and a superb radio recorder that means you'll never miss another radio show.

Listen to Internet radio streams and music on your computer while browsing the Web. Choose from our Radio Tuner or add your own favorite streams.

Record your favorite radio shows and music, listen to them whenever you want. Play music even quicker thanks to "drag & drop" function. Start your ongoing music collection now.

Crawler Radio & MP3 Player


Crawler Radio & MP3 Player

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